$17-29/per person*

• Lobster stuffed roasted garlic and spinach crêpe atop a citrus three-peppercorn cream sauce.
• Grain-fed seasoned breast of chicken stuffed with sauteed Portabella and brie in a Burgundy sauce.
• Peppercorn crusted tenderloin of pork glazed with maple syrup in a Porto sauce.
• Pecan dusted filet of salmon topped with a pesto of ginger, coriander and massala on a berry compote.
• Tenderloin of beef with a ragout of mushroom, pearl onions and fresh thyme in a Bordeaux infused demi-glace.

  Starches and Vegetables.
$5-7/per person*.

• Creamy parmesan and chives risotto.
• Scented saffron lime rice pilaf with apricots and toasted almonds.
• Savory potato and chive mini-rostis.
• Maple-glazed roasted vegetable terrine.
• Pan seared seasonal vegetables tossed in a fine herbs paste.
• Asparagus tips, string beans and dried cranberries with sesame seeds sauteed in a lemon-infused olive oil.

  Soups and Salads.
$5-7/per person*
  • Puree of carrot with fresh ginger and orange with a spinach chiffanade and a dollop or rum crème fraiche.
• Bisque of roasted butternut squash and green apples with chives sour cream.
• Puree of roasted bell peppers kissed with black mustard seeds and garlic, flambéd in triple sec.
• Roasted fennel, artichokes and beets tossed with arugula in a honey balsamic vinaigrette.
• Baby greens, grape tomatoes tossed with glazed pecans, fresh mint and a blood orange vinaigrette.
$6-8/per person*

• White chocolate and mandarin cheesecake on a pecan crust.
• Triple chocolate decadent cake on a raspberry port coulis.
• Apricot cake layered with passion fruit and white chocolate mousse in a blackberry sauce.

* Minimum of 6 persons per order.