open-faced sandwiches:
$7-9/per person*

• Roasted chicken
• Carved pork loin with a spicy apple chutney
• Seasoned roast beef
• Roasted red pepper and eggplant with oka
• Apricot spread, pears and brie
• Shrimp with dill cream cheese
• Tri-layered - sun-dried tomato pesto, basil pesto and creamy goat or cream cheese

All made with whole grain breads, rolls, tortillas,
whole wheat and white french stick and herb foccahia.

Mini sandwiches may be made with above selection for office parties or socials.

  Deluxe vegetable platters:
• Baby carrots, broccoli, endives, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, mushrooms, marinated asparagus and artichokes with a creamy sour cream, cucumber and chives dip or;
• Roasted red pepper, chick peas and sun dried tomato dip.
  Gourmet fruit platters:
Papaya, mangoes, green and red grapes, cantaloupes, kiwi, honeydew and seasonal exotic fruits with a maple yogurt dip.
  Gourmet cheese platters:
Brie, stilton, Canadian cheddar, camembert, oka, creamy goat cheese with deluxe nuts, figs and apricots served with a basket of crisp french bread, bagel thins and gourmet crackers.
  Decadent, freshly-made
cookies, squares
and mini-cakes:
  Breakfast specialties:

Fresh-baked muffins; scones; danishes; Breakfast wraps filled with scrambled eggs, cheeses, smoked salmon, chives, sweet bell peppers, salsa, mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes; freshly made gourmet coffees and teas; juices and bottled water.

Ask us to design a menu to your specifications and receive corporate
price reductions when you order more than one selection.

* Minimum of 10 persons per order.